Commercial Solar Rooftop


Commercial Solar
Malls, Shopping complexes,Business centers Petrol pumps,gas stations Toll plazas,highways
Hoardings,Billboards Telecom Companies Corporate Offices Independent shops
Golf course, Clubs,Sports complex, Stadium Hospitals, Diagnostic Centers Hotels, Banquet halls, Restraunts, Resorts

The relevant documents to register your plant !!!

What are the financing options available for my solar PV system?

  • SME loans
  • Project finance
  • Credit lines/ Working capital loans
  • Long term mezzanine debt
  • 3rd¬†party investors

Myth : Solar will look ugly on my roof.

Fact: Haven’t you heard? Solar is the new black. In the last ten years there’s been a growing awareness of how smart renewable energy is from both environmental and economic perspective, so solar panels are finally coming into their own and being regarded as an enhancement instead of an eyesore. It’s about time! Homeowners’ associations that used to be steadfastly against solar have changed their policies and are now going solar in groups. For homeowners who don’t like the look of traditional solar panels, there are now many options and styles. These styles are discreet and lower-profile than the panels of the 1960’s. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder (and the buck holder)