d.light D335


  • Battery
    Up to 8 hours of light per full charge
  • Radio
    Radio with MP3 playback included
  • Brightness
    20x brighter than kerosene
  • Portability
    Portable torch included
  • Charger
    Mobile charging

D335 Specs 

The d.light D335 is:
  • LCD battery-level indicator
  • Three lights points including a super-bright tube light
  • Two brightness settings
  • 8 hours runtime on full battery
  • Rechargeable solar radio with MP3 playback
  • Rechargeable portable torch
  • USB output charges mobile devices
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery
  • Rugged, high-efficiency solar panel
  • Maintenance-free and long-lasting
  • Meets Lighting Global quality standards (other certifications also available)



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